Which Whoa Dough Flavor are You?

By now, we’re sure you’ve come to know and love our five fantastic Whoa Dough flavors: chocolate chip, sprinkle sugar cookie, peanut butter, sugar cookie, and peanut butter chocolate chip. So much delectable dough to choose from! So, tell us—which flavor are you? Take the quiz below to find out, and don’t forget to keep track of your answers along the way!

1. Your ideal day would include:
          a. A roadtrip to an exciting location.
          b. Curling up on the couch with a good book.
          c. A fun night on the town with friends.
          d. Surprising your significant other with a homemade dinner.
          e. Doing an escape room with friends.

2. What’s your goal in life?
          a. To travel the world.
          b. To be comfortable and content.
          c. To become famous.
          d. To make a difference in the lives of others.
          e. To gain as much knowledge as possible.

3. What’s your dream pet?
          a. A horse.
          b. A cat.
          c. A dog.
          d. A rabbit.
          e. A rat.

4. What’s your biggest fear?
          a. Leading a dull life.
          b. Accidentally breaking the rules.
          c. Being alone.
          d. Disappointing someone you love.
          e. Losing your sharpness of mind.

5. What’s your favorite hobby?
          a. Outdoor sports.
          b. Reading.
          c. Theatre.
          d. Playing music.
          e. Playing board games.

6. Where would you be at a social gathering?
         a. Striking up a conversation with a stranger.
         b. Petting the cat.
         c. The life of the party!
         d. Offering to help clean up after the other guests.
         e. Having a thought-provoking debate with a friend.

7. Your friends would describe you as…
         a. Spontaneous.
         b. Level-headed.
         c. Bubbly.
         d. Selfless.
         e. Clever.

All finished! Now that you’ve answered all of our quiz questions, tally up your responses and count how many of each letter you circled.


Mostly A’s: Chocolate chip- You’re a chocolate chip Whoa Dough bar! You’re adventurous, curious, and brave. You’re an incredibly spontaneous person and love throwing caution to the wind and living life on the edge. You’re a classic thrill-seeker who loves trying new things—you pride yourself on living outside of your comfort zone. You refuse to be complacent in life and will never stop exploring!

Mostly B’s: Sugar cookie- You’re a sugar cookie Whoa Dough bar! You’re mellow, relaxed, and highly introverted. You enjoy being around other people, but you’re happiest when spending time by yourself in the comfort of your own home. You’re often described as being calm, cool, and collected. You’re an avid ruler follower with a strong moral compass and like to do things by the book. People respect you for your strong will!

Mostly C’s: Sprinkle sugar cookie- You’re a sprinkle sugar cookie Whoa Dough bar! You’re bubbly, energetic, friendly, and highly outgoing. You’re a classic extrovert—you love being the center of attention and thrive when you’re around other people. You’re a generally peppy and positive person and bring energy and excitement everywhere you go. You’re always the life of the party!

Mostly D’s: Peanut butter- You’re a peanut butter Whoa Dough bar! You’re sweet, kind-hearted, generous, and thoughtful. You’re a selfless person who would do anything for the people you love and are incredibly forgiving in difficult situations. You’re a sensitive and highly empathetic person, which is what makes you so understanding of others. You’re as sweet as our cookie dough bars!

Mostly E’s: Peanut butter chocolate chip- You’re a peanut butter chocolate chip Whoa Dough bar! You’re intelligent, introspective, and inquisitive. You have a knack for problem-solving and people naturally turn to you for insight and wisdom. You’re a lifelong learner and are always looking for ways to challenge yourself and expand upon your knowledge of the world. Your brain is constantly at work and that’s how you like it. You’re sharp as a whip!

So, which Whoa Dough bar were you? Did we nail down your personality in one flavor, or were you a mix of all five bars? No matter the result, you can always enjoy as many cookie dough flavors as you please!

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