About Whoa Dough

what is a whoa dough bar?

Whoa Dough is a cookie dough bar that is: gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, kosher, non-GMO, plant based, and soy-free. We created a real cookie dough indulgence that rewards healthy eaters. Real Cookie Dough Bars. Real Ingredients.

What makes Whoa Dough Bars healthier than other cookie dough?

We challenged the cookie dough status quo and created a real cookie dough indulgence that rewards the health conscious by being mostly healthy without that “healthy” taste. Not to mention, our cookie dough bars have less than 10 grams of sugar and more than 5 grams of protein. No matter the time or place, you can indulge in cookie dough, whoa!

purchasing & Storage

Where can I purchase Whoa Dough Bars?

You can purchase our bars on our website or through Amazon. Take a look at our store locator to see what other small businesses you can find our product in! #TreatYoSelf!!

Can I bake Whoa Dough Bars?

Duh! It’s real cookie dough. We recommend 350 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes for a gooey, delicious cookie!

When I’m on-the-go, how long will Whoa Dough Bars last out of the fridge?

While our bars can be chilled, refrigeration is not required. Our bars are safe for on-the-go, up to a shelf life of 6 months. Whoa Dough is perfect to take on your next adventure.

Can I freeze Whoa Dough Bars?

Yes! Test out your own timing and temperature to freeze Whoa Dough bars, but if it’s an extra hot day freezing them might be just the thing if you like your cookie dough extra cold! Cool down with cookie dough!

I want to sell Whoa Dough at my business. Is there a wholesale program?

Dough we?! Of course! Visit our Wholesale Program Information page to learn how to sell Whoa Dough at your business.

Do bars have to be refrigerated?

whOa no! We can be enjoyed chilled or on-the-go.

ingredients & Nutritional information

Are Whoa Dough Bars gluten, dairy and/or soy free?

Yes! Whoa Dough bars are gluten, dairy AND soy free.

Are Whoa Dough Bars Non-GMO?

Yes! Our products use Non-GMO ingredients and we are Non-GMO project verified.

Are Whoa Dough Bars OU Kosher certified?

Yes! All of our bars are OU Kosher certified.

Are Whoa Dough bars vegan?

Unfortunately, we are not 100% vegan because we contain honey. However, some rebel vegans do eat honey and LOVE our bars!

Do Whoa Dough Bars contain allergens?

Yes. Our bars are made from tree nuts including almonds and coconuts. Our peanut butter bars contain peanuts. Whoa Dough Bars are manufactured in a facility that also processes, peanuts, egg, soy, milk, and other tree nuts.


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