Seven Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

Do you ever have one of those days where it feels like you just can’t win? Like those mornings when you hit every red light on the way to work and then spill coffee on yourself at the office? Or those days when you’re running late to your 8 a.m. class only to realize there’s a pop quiz you didn’t study for? Let’s face it: life can really kick our butts sometimeseven the most happy-go-lucky people have their moments. For those days when you can’t catch a break, try utilizing one of our seven pick-me-ups!

Treat yourself to your favorite snack. Now, we’re not saying to gorge yourself with ice cream until you feel no pain, but chowing down on your treat of choice is always a sure-fire way to lift the spirits. Whatever this means for you—whether it’s grabbing a simple chocolate bar in the checkout line of Heinen’s, baking a batch of brownies, or even throwing together a colorful fruit salad—seeking out your favorite snack can add a little pep in your step after a long hard day. As we always say here at Whoa Dough, snack happy! 😊

Create art. Now, we know what you’re thinking, not everyone’s an artist. Maybe not in the traditional sense of the word, but there is such a wide array of artistic talents that you may not even realize you have. Art can be an incredible source of relaxation that can really help to ease the mind after a bad day. Spend a quiet evening with some vibrant markers and an adult coloring book, whip up a whimsical drawing, write a poem, take photographs of the things you find beautiful, or write a short story—the possibilities are endless. Whatever the activity, art helps us escape the stresses of life and channel our energy in a positive way.

Take a walk. Sometimes getting in touch with nature and feeling the sunlight on your skin is exactly what you need to turn a bad day around. Step outside and take a walk through your favorite scenic location, taking deep breaths and letting the fresh air fill your lungs with every step. Let your mind fixate on the natural beauty of the world around you and allow yourself to notice even the smallest details—the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet, the texture of the bark on the trees, the gentle ripple of the grass in the wind. Connecting yourself with nature is a fantastic way to remove yourself from the negativity of a bad day and replace it with calmness and zen.

Watch your favorite movie or stream your favorite show. This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes a simple movie night is the best medicine after a difficult day. Pop in a lighthearted film that makes you happy, or even a tearjerker that tugs at the heartstrings (sometimes you need a good cry after a tough day—we’re not judging). Whatever emotion it is that you want to be feeling right now, you can cater your cinematic experience to provoke that reaction. Not in the market for a two hour long movie? No problem. Instead, stream the most beloved episodes of your favorite TV show. After all, everybody loves a good Friends marathon.

Call someone you love. Sometimes the best cure for a bad mood is a good conversation with someone you care about. Whether that person is your mom, your best friend, a sibling, a co-worker, or your significant other, chances are, they’re more than willing to talk you through a rough day. You can vent about your grievances until all of the pent-up negativity is out of your system, or you can simply ask your loved one to tell you about their day to help you take your mind off of your own. Either way, it’ll be nice to hear their voice.

Keep a journal. Don’t feel comfortable ranting about your troubles but still want to get them off your chest? Journaling may be the perfect solution for you. Try investing in a journal, diary, or notebook where you can write out all of your frustrations at the end of a bad day. With every entry, you can let out all of the negative emotions that have accumulated within you throughout the day, close the journal, and tuck it away for the night—out of sight, out of mind. Writing is an incredibly simple yet effective outlet for funneling our feelings in a constructive way.

Pet an animal. Animal lovers, this one’s for you. Animals are furry balls of sunshine that can cheer practically anyone up after a long hard day. No one can deny the warm and fuzzy feelings you get every time a dog licks your face or a kitten rubs up against your body and purrs. If you don’t have an animal at home, go visit a friend who has a pet or go to your local pet store and request to play with one of the puppies. No matter where you’re getting your puppy love, there’s no doubt you’ll feel a little happier when you’re done.

Don’t let bad days get you down. You have the power to turn your day around! 


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