Our Favorite at Home Workouts

While gyms are still phasing back open, Whoa Dough would like to share our favorite at-home workouts! YouTube also has an abundance of at-home workout videos to jumpstart your workout. Below are workouts that require little-to-no training or equipment.

Yoga. In these trying times, we recommend using yoga not only as a form of physical exercise, but a form of mental exercise as well. Vinyasa yoga is our personal favorite! Vinyasa uses breath as a time indicator, with each breath signaling it is time to switch poses. Vinyasa helps you focus on deep breathing as you stretch deeper into the pose. Try searching for Vinyasa yoga on YouTube to help you get started!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). High intensity interval training can be done anywhere, anytime. HIIT workouts involve short bursts of high intensity exercises such as burpees, push ups, mountain climbers, and much more! The goal of these short bursts are to get your heart pumping and then back to base level before starting your next exercise. This provides you with an intense cardiovascular workout. To keep yourself motivated throughout your high intensity workout, we recommend going to YouTube to find a video that matches both your intensity and the amount of time you’d like to workout. You will feel so accomplished by the end of your workout!

Online Zumba Classes. If you love dancing, like we do, we highly recommend you try Zumba! Doing Zumba barely feels like you are exercising, because you are having so much fun! Try finding an online class with some music you enjoy at your perfect pace, and get dancing!

There are many ways to workout at home, and we hope that the above suggestions give you a good jumping-off point. The best part about working out? Getting to enjoy a guilt-free Whoa Dough bar after you finish! We would love to hear how you are staying in shape at home in the comments below. Don’t forget to snack happy and healthy with Whoa Dough!

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