Feel-Good Songs to Put You in a Good Mood

Everyone gets a little down in the dumps sometimes—in the current climate, it’s easy to feel bummed out or stressed. Looking to turn your bad mood around? Check out our playlist of feel-good jams! After all, nothing raises the spirits quite like music!

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. This song, released in 1977, is an oldie but a goodie! You might even recognize it from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. This song is all about brightening up the city with sunshine, happiness, and of course, blue skies. Nobody can feel sad listening to this song!

It’s a Beautiful Day by Michael Bublé. This song is an upbeat ballad about feeling great and celebrating liberation after a toxic relationship is ended. However, if you’re only paying attention to the chorus, then it’s just about having a wonderful smiley day! Either way, it’s easy to feel uplifted when listening to this triumphant Bublé hit.

Dancing Queen by ABBA. Young or old, most people recognize this fun and spirited hit song of the 70s. Dancing Queen is about letting loose, feeling young, and dancing to your heart’s content. Plus, it’s one of the most iconic songs of the Mamma Mia soundtrack!

Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder. Break My Stride is another song of confidence and tenacity after splitting with a former lover. This song features a quirky and upbeat 80s tune which still appears in viral videos today!

Human by The Killers. This buoyant and soothing song is undoubtedly pleasing to the ears with its synthesizer pop influences and indie/alternative vibe. This Killers song has had us racking our brain since its release in 2008, begging the question, “Are we human, or are we dancer?” Confusing? Sure. Catchy? 100%.

Shiny Happy People by R.E.M. We probably don’t need to explain why this song is on our feel-good playlist—the title really says it all. R.E.M. tends to produce fun and vibrant songs with music that makes us feel good. This song is no exception! Shiny Happy People is all about forming meaningful connections with others and spreading the love around. Aww!

Pompeii by Bastille. This song is upbeat, exciting, and riddled with fun background vocals. Pompeii isn’t the most feel-good song in terms of its lyrics, but the melody can trick your mind into feeling better with its spirited chants and pleasant tune.

Next time you’re feeling down, give our feel-good playlist a listen! You’re bound to be in better spirits when you do. And for a feel-good bonus, crack open a dough-licious Whoa Dough bar for a sweet treat that will be sure to enliven your taste buds and your mindset! It’s hard to feel sad when you’re snacking happy!

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