College Dorm Room Hacks

For college students, living in a crowded dorm room is basically a rite of passage and an unavoidable element of the college experience. But the good news is you and your roommate don’t have to suffer! Don’t become victim to dorm room living—conserve space and finesse your living conditions with these five dorm room hacks!

Use shoe organizers for storage. Shoe organizers are a fantastic space-saving way to keep your possessions stored in an organized and visually appealing fashion—and not just shoes! From toiletries to jewelry to fashion accessories, shoe organizers are the perfect storage unit to keep practically anything tidied away. Most shoe organizers are collapsible and equipped with hangers, so they can be hung vertically in closets and wardrobes. Just slip in some plastic trays for easier access to your belongings and you’re ready to organize! 

Loft your bed for optimal space. Lofting the bed is arguably one of the most effective ways to free up dorm room living space. Lofts create a substantial amount of extra room and allow students to place larger objects under their beds, like desks, dressers, and furniture. Thanks to the bed loft, such objects are out of the way but still remain completely accessible. This option is made available to students by most schools and is typically fairly easy to request. Talk to an RA and see how you can arrange for your bed to be lofted! 

Buy a bedside shelf. Do you like to keep your phone near your bed at night? Need somewhere to set that nighttime glass of water? Want to keep a Whoa Dough bar nearby for a midnight snack? Affordable and practical, bedside shelves are the simple solution to fulfilling all of your bedside needs. These clippable trays can be easily fastened to the side of any bed—both grounded and lofted—and are immediately ready for use!

Use space-saving hangers. Most college dorm rooms don’t typically offer the most spacious closets and dressers, so it’s vital to take advantage of the room you do have. Space-saving hangers are plastic hooks with a downward-hanging column containing a row of openings which standard hangers are meant to be hooked into. This way, 5-10 articles of clothing can be suspended vertically from one hook, freeing up a significant amount of space horizontally across the rest of your closet. 

Use collapsible storage bins. Cloth storage cubes are perfect for packing away your personal belongings in a manner that is both practical and organized. These collapsible bins are typically sold in sets and can be stacked, spread, or placed on shelves or shelving units to create space. Not to mention they’re great for stowing away snacks! What better place to keep your Whoa Dough supply? 

Dorm room living may not be ideal, but it is manageable. Take advantage of your college experience, and don’t forget to snack happy!

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