After School Snacking

Picture this: you’re lounging on the couch after a long day of work when suddenly you hear the distant sound of slow screeching brakes followed by the muffled slam of the clunky bus door. You know what that means: the kids are home from school! You hear the stomping of sneakers against the pavement as they come running down the driveway. You make your way toward the door to greet them before a jarring question enters your mind—do we have any snacks in the house?

After a long day of work and play, you know the kiddos are going to be itching for some after school treats. Give them the snack they deserve with these delicious ideas!

Ice tray popsicles. Searching for a low maintenance snack? Look no further! Ice tray popsicles have got your back. This fruity and refreshing treat can be concocted with only three key ingredients: juice, toothpicks, and an ice cube tray. Sounds pretty affordable, right? Not only is this snack easy on the purse strings, but it’s also super easy to make. All you have to do is grab the kids’ juice drink of choice, pour it into an ice cube tray, set a toothpick in each of the molds, and stick it in the freezer to chill! Once the juice has frozen, voila! You’ve got an entire tray of mini popsicles, complete with tiny popsicle sticks.

Dirt cups. Trust us, this delicious dessert is much more appetizing than it sounds. Dirt cups are the imaginative chocolatey treat your kids have been waiting for! These easy-to-make Oreo cookie pudding cups with gummy worms will be sure to give your kids the giggles as they dig into the “dirt” and discover some colorful creatures. Check out the link for a step-by-step recipe guide!

Puppy chow. This mouthwatering treat is made with sweet and simple ingredients we know your kids will love. After all, who doesn’t like chocolate chips and peanut butter? We sure do. Not only is this yummy cereal snack mix great for after school snacking, it’s also perfect for school lunches! Just stick it in a Ziplock bag and pack it away in your child’s lunchbox for later. Now, we know what you’re thinking, and yes, you can stick some in your lunchbox too (don’t worry, we won’t tell). Click the link for baking directions and a tutorial from!

Granola bites. Looking for a healthier snacking option for the kiddos? We’ve got it right here. Not only are these peanut butter granola bites tasty as can be, but they’re made up of grain-based ingredients like oats and flaxseed, which means they’re packed with protein. You can be sure these bite-sized granola balls will give your family the energy to take on the day. Check out the URL for cooking instructions!

Whoa Dough! You didn’t think we weren’t going to add our delicious cookie dough bars to the list, did you? Our on-the-go cookie dough is plant-based, gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO, and kosher certified, making it the perfect health-friendly treat for all ages. Because let’s face it—old or young, everybody loves cookie dough. Whoa Dough bars can be eaten straight out of the wrapper, refrigerated, or you can pop them in the oven at 350 degrees for 3 minutes for a tasty batch of oven-baked cookies! Buy your bars on Amazon or at a Heinen’s near you, or you can take to our Store Locator for additional locations. Snack happy!

Don’t fall victim to a snackless house. Give your kids the tasty treats they deserve!

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