Current Fashion Trends

Fashion is always changing—trends, fads, what’s in, what’s outdated, what’s resurfacing. For centuries, fashion has served as an outlet for self expression and continues to exist as a means of embracing our individuality. Even some of the styles that our parents wore back in the day are making a comeback in the current fashion climate! Whether your style is current or a bit more on the dated side, the clothing we wear says a lot about who we are and what we identify with. So, what’s fashionable in 2020? Take a look at our list of current trends!

Animal print. There’s nothing more in right now than animal print! Shirts, pants, shoes, jackets, accessories, you name it—you can find it in animal print. Leopard print has come out on top as the most popular pattern in recent months, but other animal prints such as snake skin, tiger print, and zebra print have become prevalent patterns in recent fashion as well.

Crop tops. Everyone loves a good crop top! Crop tops are shirts which are shortened in length and fall just above the waist, making them great to wear with high-waisted pants. Crop tops come in a variety of different styles—they’re available in the form of tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and even sweaters. With so many cropped styles, you can sport this trend year-round!

Denim. Though denim was once a somewhat questionable staple of 90s fashion, it’s back and better than ever in 2020! Of course denim jeans have always been in, but denim fashion has expanded to take on an even wider array of clothing items! Denim jackets, denim jumpsuits, denim dresses, denim overalls, denim skirts—practically everything can be purchased in denim.

Oversized sweaters. There’s no fashion trend comfier than oversized sweaters! Cute, cozy, and comfortable, oversized sweaters are perfect for the cold winter months. Not only are oversized sweaters made in a variety of fun colors and styles, but they can even be thrifted in older styles to add a hint of vintage to your look! When it comes to oversized sweaters, the bigger the better.

Jumpsuits. Dresses have always been the go-to formal wear in women’s fashion, but recently jumpsuits have come out as a business casual alternative that looks just as striking. Jumpsuits can be loose or form-fitting, long-sleeved or short sleeved, professional or laid-back—and the list goes on. With so many styles, there’s a jumpsuit for any occasion!

So, how do you feel about our fashion picks? Whether or not you find yourself sporting these popular styles, you can’t deny their prominence in the current fashion scene. Though we don’t know how long these trends will stick around, we intend to take advantage of them while they’re still stylish!

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