Best Beverages to Drink with Whoa Dough

We know how much you love our cookie dough bars—with five dough-licious flavors to choose from, you can enjoy on-the-go snacking all day long! But sometimes your cookie dough needs a refreshing friend. Check out our list of drinks that go great with Whoa Dough!

Hot chocolate. There’s nothing that makes a cold winter’s night cozier than a Whoa Dough bar and some hot chocolate! Snuggle up on the couch with your softest blanket, cue up a movie, and enjoy your favorite cookie dough bar with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Our chocolate chip Whoa Dough bars pair perfectly with the chocolatey taste of cocoa! You can even warm up your Whoa Dough in the oven to make for an even cozier night!

Tea. Everyone loves a nice piping cup of tea—why not pair it with a soft and dough-lectable Whoa Dough bar? You can couple your cookie dough with a vitalizing breakfast tea for a morning boost, or a sleepytime tea for a tasty pre-bedtime snack. We feel relaxed just thinking about it!

Milk. Cookies and milk is a classic treat, but have you ever tried cookie dough and milk? We definitely recommend it! The smooth and silky taste of milk is guaranteed to perfectly compliment any of our five soft and doughy Whoa Dough bars. You can even dunk your cookie dough directly into the milk for an extra tasty treat!

Coffee. There is no beverage more universally loved than coffee. And with so many different types of coffee to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your favorite flavor of Whoa Dough! Caramel macchiato with sugar cookie dough, mocha frappuccino with chocolate chip cookie dough, chai latte with sprinkle sugar cookie dough, dark roast with peanut butter cookie dough—the possibilities are endless! Whoa Dough and coffee make the perfect pair.

Smoothie. Looking for a fruity and refreshing beverage to wash down your Whoa Dough? A smoothie is the way to go! With so many healthy fruit blends, you’ll be sure to get the full nutritional value out of your Whoa Dough snacking. And what a refreshing on-the-go treat!

Milkshake. Are you an ice cream lover? Milkshakes and Whoa Dough sound right up your alley! Roll up to your favorite ice cream distributor, order the tastiest milkshake on the menu, and you’re ready to snack happy with a Whoa Dough bar on the side! Your cookie dough will taste even more dough-licious when paired with the richness of a good milkshake.

So, did we get your mouth watering for Whoa Dough? Stop by a Heinen’s and pick up a box of your favorite Whoa Dough, and don’t forget to throw some refreshing beverages into your cart for an even tastier snacking experience!

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