Best Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are always fun, but when it comes to picking out the perfect present for someone you love, it can be a bit stressful. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself—we’ve got you covered! There are so many neat and nifty products out there just waiting to be gifted. Whether you’re planning on buying something cute, sentimental, goofy, or practical, you can be sure to find something special for your special someone.

Salt lamp. Salt lamps are stylish, chic, and cute to boot! These bright and beautiful decorative lamps give off a soft, warm glow that is as calming as it is visually appealing. Salt lamps are also rumored to have a variety of health benefits—they are said to be mood-boosting, improve respiratory function, and even present healing properties by altering the ions in the air. Whether or not you believe in these claims, salt lamps are still a charming and elegant gift choice for any friend or family member.

Framed photos. There’s nothing more personal or heartfelt than a framed photo of you and someone you love. Pick out a stylish photo frame, print out your favorite picture of you and your loved one, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a sweet and sentimental birthday gift filled with nostalgia and warm memories. If you want to go even bigger, you can put together a framed photo collage to incorporate even more cute and dynamic pictures of you and your friend or family member! Looking to spend a little extra? Consider investing in a digital picture frame. These electronic frames display photos in a slideshow format, so you can upload and view as many pictures as you want—all on one screen! No matter what route you go with your framed photo gift, your loved one will be sure to feel special

Potted succulents. The popularity of succulents has really grown in recent years, and with good reason—these cute and colorful plants are beautiful, dainty, and decorative with the ability to brighten up any space! You can even get them in specialty pots of all different shapes and sizes to suit the taste of your loved one. The best part? These plants are known for being surprisingly low maintenance, meaning they’re incredibly easy to care for. That means that even your plant novice friends could care for this gorgeous greenery!

Personalized drinkware. When it comes to gifting drinkware, the possibilities are literally endless. You can customize any glass or mug with phrases, photos, text, and graphics to create the perfect present! You can find lots of pre-made graphic drinkware like Michael Scott’s “World’s Best Boss” mug or the iconic Central Perk logo mug, monogram shot glasses, engrave wine glasses, or personalize water bottles—it’s up to you! It’s so easy to gear this gift specifically to its recipient, making for an unforgettable present your friend or family member will be sure to love.

Wall and tabletop decor. If you have a good sense of your friend or family member’s taste in decoration, wall or tabletop decor may be the perfect gift for them! You can find lots of simple wall decor that feature sweet and inspirational phrases that would look great in any home, or you can find prints and canvas art that perfectly suit your loved one’s style. If they don't have much room on their walls, try looking at your tabletop decor options. You can find lots of cute and elegant glass, wood, metal, or polyresin options like figurines, clocks, decorative spheres, globes, or art pieces that spruce up any tabletop.

Whoa Dough. Does your loved one appreciate the sweeter things in life? A box of Whoa Dough bars may be the perfect gift for them. With five delicious flavors of plant-based, gluten free cookie dough delight, your gift recipient won’t be able to resist digging into the dough! Is your friend or family member a Whoa Dough veteran? Buy them a ten bar box of their favorite flavor! Are they new to the cookie dough scene? Set them up with our five flavor variety pack! After all, there’s nothing sweeter than the gift of Whoa Dough!

So, did we hit the mark with any of our gift ideas? We hope we’ve inspired you to make your loved one’s next birthday their best one yet!

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