Turn Up The Heat: Whoa Dough's Sweaty Solutions!

As we make our way through the depths of summer, we can’t help but notice the intensifying UV rays making their way towards us, leaving our skin blistering in their wake. Quite frankly, if you haven’t already gotten sunburnt this summer, you’re a legend! In fact, it seems all the summer sun is good for right now is melting your Whoa Dough Bars. (Seriously, if you haven’t tried a melted Whoa Dough bar, you need to! There is nothing better than leaving your bar outside or in your car; it gets all ooey-gooey and tastes oh-so delicious!)

When it is so hot outside that basking in the sun just doesn’t seem like an option, here are some things you can do:

Find a Good Book!

When was the last time you read a good book? Life is busy, I get it. I am definitely guilty of not putting aside much time to read in the last couple years. Sometimes all you want to do with your spare time is sleep or watch tv, and retire your  brain for a bit. However, once you finally make that decision to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, I promise you won’t want to put it back down! I just recently began reading Beach Read by Emily Henry– my first “for fun” read in awhile– and I can hardly wait to finish writing this blog post so I can get back to it!

Paint Something!

One hobby I constantly find myself engaging in when the weather’s poor is painting. I always forget just how therapeutic painting can be– I could spend hours with some paint and a brush. It’s a great way to save some money on home decor, and not to mention, I always feel so accomplished when I finish. 

Learn a New Skill!

When was the last time you said, “I wish I could [insert skill here]”? For me, it was yesterday! I have always wanted to learn to play the piano, but I never really took the time to learn. Sure, sometimes I would go sit at the piano, watch some youtube videos, and mess around a bit, but I never really gave it my true dedication. This summer I’ve made it my goal to allot a certain amount of time each day to the piano. Hopefully I can inspire you to do the same with your dream skill!

Take a Dip in The Pool!

Here’s a nice compromise: If the sun is just too strong for you, but you don’t want to sacrifice the outdoors completely, go for a refreshing swim! Even if you don’t have a pool, there are still ways to enjoy the water. For example, you can use your hose to make a homemade sprinkler! Just poke some small holes in a plastic bottle, and put your hose inside the bottle’s opening. Apply some tape to keep the hose from falling out and enjoy a homemade sprinkler to play in!

Go Thrifting!

If you’re looking to still leave the house, but not spend the day in the sun, then you can always go thrifting. Prior to this summer, I had never gone thrift shopping before. My friend suggested it to me on a particularly hot day when we were originally set on going for a bike ride (thank goodness). I couldn’t believe how cheap everything was– I found a pair of $88 leggings for only $12! If you need a suggestion on a place to go, I would recommend seeing if there is a Plato’s Closet near you.

These are just some things you can do when the summer heat is too brutal. Hopefully you decide to try one of these activities out! Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated, and stocked up on Whoa Dough! ;)

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