New Year, New Healthy Snacks

What better way to kick off the start to the New Year than with some nutritious, healthy snacks! Whoa Dough is here to help with a list of our top 10 favorite brands to make eating healthy foods even more enjoyable and easier than ever. 


1) The Dairy Free Company

The Dairy Free Company makes great tasting, clean-label, plant-based dips, spreads and toppings. Made from sustainably sourced ingredients Dairy Free Company’s plant-derived recipes are sure to be the most satisfying part of a healthy lifestyle. All of the company’s products are certified gluten free, vegan and non-GMO project verified. 

Dairy Free Company’s Top Products: 

  • Take it Cheezy Cashew Dip
  • Schmiracle Everything Bagel Cashew Spread
  • Dollop Lama Sour & Cream Cashew Topping
  • Garden Party Roasted Garlic & Herb Cashew Spread
  • Tuscan Sun Sun-Dried Tomato Cashew Spread
  • Hot Mama Spicy Chipotle Cashew Dip




OLIPOP tastes like the soda you grew up sipping, but with a healthful twist. Made with plant fiber, prebiotics and botanicals, OLIPOP supports digestive health making soda healthier and more delicious! All of OLIPOP's soda are free from artificial sweeteners and contain ⅓  of your recommended daily fiber intake. Additionally, all of OLIPOP's products are gluten free, vegan, GMO free and contain only 2-5 grams of sugar per can. 

Not only can you shop the individual flavors online, you can also subscribe to OLIPOP's subscription service! OLIPOP on Repeat ensures you never run out of OLIPOP soda and guarantees free shipping and money savings on every order. 

OLIPOP's Top Products:

  • Vintage Cola
  • Classic Root Beer
  • Strawberry Vanilla
  • Classic Grape
  • Ginger Lemon
  • Cherry Vanilla
  • Orange Squeeze 



3) Whoa Dough

You dough-n’t already know about Whoa Dough??? 

Whoa Dough is a cookie dough company on a mission to bring more snack-happiness to the world to reward healthy eaters. Sweet, right? All six Whoa Dough flavors are certified gluten-free and vegan. Plus, each dough-licious bar contains 4–5 grams of protein, less than 10 grams of sugar and 100% plant-based ingredients. We responsibly source sustainable ingredients all without junk, artificial ingredients or compromise. How’s it possible? Simple. We keep the no’s out and the whoa’s in. Better yet? We don’t pull any flavor punches. Whoa Dough has truly challenged the “status dough” by bringing a safe, satisfying snack that has the taste and texture just like your grandma’s classic cookie dough. 

Additionally, with Whoa Dough’s non refrigerated recipe, our bars can be kept in your purse or backpack for an easy, accessible treat on the go! Each delectable bar can be purchased individually, in a pack of four or a pack of ten. 

Whoa Dough’s Products:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 
  • Brownie Batter Cookie Dough 
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough 
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 
  • Sprinkle Sugar Cookie Dough  
  • Sugar Cookie Dough 




BIOHM is a probiotic supplement brand that optimizes digestive health backed by proven science and expertise. By combining good bacteria, good fungi and a powerful digestive enzyme proven to help break down digestive plaque. These ingredients allow BIOHM’s Probiotic formula to maintain, support and optimize the balance of the entire microbiome in the digestive system. Additionally, BIOHM products are vegetarian, egg free, soy free, non-GMO and are made with no synthetics. 

BIOHM’s Top Products:

  • Total Probiotic Supplement 
  • Super Reds with Probiotics
  • Super Greens with Probiotics 
  • Super Kids



5) Cleveland Kitchen

Cleveland Kitchen is a culinary brand that brings the highest quality fermented foods from the heart of Cleveland to the rest of the nation. They are known for producing amazing tasting sauerkraut, kimchi, salad dressings and pickles. Their krauts and kimchi are unpasteurized and lacto-fermented making them full of natural probiotics, nutrients and flavor. Additionally, with a base of fermented vegetables, their delicious salad dressings have fewer calories than traditional dressings while packing in all the flavor and gut-healthy benefits everyone loves. 

Cleveland Kitchen’s Top Products: 

  • Beet Red Kraut 
  • Curry Kraut 
  • Roasted Garlic Kraut Whiskey Dill Kraut 
  • Classic Kimchi 
  • Veggie Caesar Dressing 
  • Garlic Italian Dressing 
  • Backyard Ranch Dressing
  • Dilly Garlic Chips/Spears



6) Dream Pops

Dream Pops is a gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan 100% plant-based ice cream. Each bar contains only 100 calories or less and is made with no artificial additives or stabilizers making stomach aches and sticky hands a problem of the past. Dream Pops offers a wide variety of ice cream pop flavors, as well as mini ice cream dream bites!

Dream Pops Top Products:

  • Berry Dreams Dream Pops
  • Chocolate Lion Dream Pops
  • Vanilla Matcha Dream Pops 
  • Coconut Latte Dream Pops 
  • Mango Rosemary Dream Pops 
  • Berry Dreams or Vanilla Sky Dream Bites 


7) Pocket Latte

Pocket Latte’s mission is to wake up the world with natural energy. Their coffee bars live up to the mission because they are 100% fueled by real caffeine from real coffee, unlike most other coffee products that are made from synthetic and artificial caffeine ingredients. Pocket Latte coffee bars contain the perfect amount of natural caffeine that keeps you sharp throughout the day, without the jitters or crash that typically comes with other caffeinated products. 

Pocket Latte’s Top Products:

  • Cream & Sugar Coffee Bar
  • Dark Roast Coffee Bar
  • Hazelnut Coffee Bar
  • Lavender Vanilla Coffee Bar
  • Mocha Coffee Bar
  • Coffee Bar Variety Pack
  • Mocha & Sea Salt Coffee Nuts


8) Siete

Siete is a Mexican-American food brand that crafts delicious and healthy Heritage-Inspired products. The family rooted company was established with the mission of creating low-inflammation grain free foods due to the owner’s multiple debilitating autoimmune conditions and health challenges. Siete’s products are gluten free, vegan, grain free and plant based offering great nutritious value and taste for the whole family! Siete offers a wide variety of different types of chips, as well as a product line of hot sauces, taco shells, dairy free queso cheese, taco seasonings, tortillas and cookies.

Siete’s Top Products:

  • Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
  • Lime Grain Free Tortilla Chips
  • Grain Free Taco Shells 
  • Dairy Free Nacho Cashew Queso 
  • Chipotle Hot Sauce 
  • Tortillas: Chickpea Flour, Almond Flour, Cassava & Chia, Cassava & Coconut
  • Mexican Wedding Cookies



9) Little Northern Bakehouse

Little Northern Bakehouse is an allergy friendly brand that uses certified gluten free and Non-GMO Project verified ingredients to bake their delicious products. They believe gluten free foods should taste delicious and make you feel good regardless of whether you suffer from an allergy or not. All of Little Northern Bakehouse’s products are gluten free, egg free and dairy free. Additionally, their most recent product line of bread loaves are certified organic!

Little Northern Bakehouse’s Top Products:

  • Organic Gluten Bread Bread Loaves
  • Gluten Free Bagels 
  • Gluten Free Artisan Pizza Crusts
  • Gluten Free Dinner Rolls 
  • Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns



10) Hilary's

Hilary’s provides healthy, convenient, great-tasting veggie burgers and meatless products free from the top 12 common allergens. Hilary’s products pack your diet with plant-based, whole food nutrition without any artificial preservatives or ingredients. Additionally, all of Hilary’s products are USDA certified organic, as well as plant based, gluten free and vegan.

Hilary’s Top Products:

  • World’s Best Veggie Burger 
  • Black Rice Veggie Burger 
  • Super Cauliflower Veggie Burger
  • Fiesta Black Bean Veggie Burger
  • Spicy Thai Veggie Burger
  • Apple Maple Meatless Breakfast Sausage
  • Sunny Sau’Sage Sammie 


We hope this list of our top 10 favorite health food brands inspires you to eat clean and nourish your bodies with the best ingredients this upcoming year!

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