Fun in the Sun Activities

As the weather continues to grow warmer, we often find ourselves wanting to spend more time outside. Below are some fun activities that allow you to get some Vitamin D. Take a look at our list and decide which activities are right for you!

Go for a walk. This activity is a classic. Whether you go by yourself, with some friends, family, or even a pet, a walk is the perfect way to clear your head while also getting to enjoy the outside. 

Grill. A delicious way to enjoy the lovely weather. Grab your favorite veggies and start cooking! Pro tip: seasoned salt and a Whoa Dough bar on the side makes everything that much better.

Picnic. Who doesn't love a good picnic? All you need is a blanket, a few of your favorite Whoa Dough bars, and the perfect spot for you to set up. To make your adventure even more fun bring a ball or frisbee to play catch with your friends or family! 

Ride a bike/scooter/skateboard. If you're like me, running as a form of exercise is incredibly taxing, and quite frankly: boring. Riding a bike, scooter, or skateboard is the perfect way to get outside and have fun, while also getting some exercise in! Try racing your friends for added enjoyment.

Hike. Hiking is another great way to get some fresh air while also being active. Hiking can be fun alone, with a few friends, or with a beloved pet. A hike is a great reminder of the natural beauty on this earth. If possible, try to find a hiking trail with a river or lake on the path. The sounds of the water will bring an extra level of peace and tranquility to your hike. Pro tip: bring bug spray to keep you safe from the critters and a Whoa Dough bar to snack on!

Ice Cream. All you need is a pint of your favorite ice cream and one of your favorite Whoa Dough bars. Cut up the Whoa Dough bar into small pieces before mixing it into the ice cream for a healthier version of your favorite cookie dough ice cream! Try cake batter ice cream with our Whoa Dough sugar cookie with sprinkles bar. You won't regret it!

Let us know what your favorite fun in the sun activity is in the comments.

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