Best Broadway Musicals

There’s nothing more inspiring than a Broadway musical. Whether you’re into contemporary, rock and roll, funk, pop, or classical, there’s a musical out there for you. If you’re a self-proclaimed theatre buff, you probably have a list of favorites you’ve been faithfully belting in your car for years (no shame in that—so do we!). Take a look at our list of favorite Broadway musicals and size it up for yourself!

Phantom of the Opera. This classic musical has been on Broadway for over 30 years, making it Broadway’s longest running show to date. This musical is about a young aspiring opera singer named Christine who quickly becomes the obsession of the infamous opera ghost who lives beneath the Paris Opera House. Phantom’s musical score, written by the esteemed Andrew Lloyd Webber, is breathtakingly beautiful and will be sure to send chills down your spine. 

Newsies. Newsies is a feel-good musical based on the famous 1899 Newsboys Strike in New York City. In this show, we follow newsie Jack Kelly, a tough and headstrong 17-year-old who leads his friends to rebellion in the face of injustice. With incredible dance numbers, triumphant music, and an endearing love story, you’ll be sure to fall in love with this musical.

Rent. This powerful rock musical details the lives of a group of starving artists trying to make it in New York City as they struggle with poverty, relationships, and the AIDS epidemic. Rent is packed full of energized musical numbers such as La Vie Boheme and the iconic Seasons of Love, and is equally as emotional as it is fun and upbeat.

Book of Mormon. This hilarious musical follows Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, two Latter-day Saints missionaries who set off to Uganda to preach the Mormon faith as they are faced with more than a few bumps in the road. With catchy songs, humorous characters, and side-splitting comedy, what’s not to love about Book of Mormon?

Les Misérables. Perhaps one of the most iconic musicals in theatre, Les Mis details the life of former criminal Jean Valjean who breaks his parole to create a new life for himself. As he seeks redemption, he is pursued by Javert, a relentless police inspector who has dedicated his life to the capture of Valjean. This powerful tale of faith, revolution, and romance is packed with powerhouse solos and triumphant group numbers that will have you shouting “Vive la France!”

So, did you see any of your favorites on our list? Next time you find yourself searching for a new show to dive into, consider giving one of our choices a listen!

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