Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet

Are you curious to know more about what makes a gluten free diet so appealing? The wizards behind Whoa Dough are here to fill you in. 

To start, let’s talk all things gluten. Most people don’t even know what gluten is or what kinds of foods it is found in. Let us fill you in. 

Gluten is a protein that helps bind foods together. In simple terms, think of it like glue. That doesn’t make it sound very appealing does it…? Anyways, gluten is found in various different types of grains and baked goods, including bread, pasta, pizza, any sufficient nutritional value, however helps with the texture of foods. 

While many people can enjoy gluten without any negative side effects, there are a number of people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease that cannot tolerate it. Whether you are going gluten free due to an allergy or simply for preference there are various benefits. 


Here are five of the top benefits of a gluten free diet:

  • Eliminates Excessive Bloating & Reduces Chronic Inflammation
  • Gluten can be extremely inflammatory and cause excessive amounts of bloating among some people who have more sensitive stomachs. Cutting gluten out of your diet may help ease problematic digestive symptoms, reduce inflammation and relieve digestive symptoms. 

  • Reduces Joint Pain
  • Although gluten is usually associated with digestion, the effects can vary. As previously mentioned, gluten has a tendency to increase inflammation not only in the intestines but also within the rest of the body. Inflammation within the joints can cause mild to severe discomfort and pain depending on the individual. Adopting a diet free of gluten will reduce the inflammation greatly reducing joint pain. 

    Boosts Energy 

    Do you always feel tired and notice your energy levels have been crashing recently? This could be due to the foods you are fueling your body with. People who suffer from lack of energy and constantly feel sluggish may be suffering from an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity. When individuals with undiagnosed gluten allergies or sensitivities consume gluten it increases inflammation in the intestines affecting the digestion and absorption of other nutrients such as iron. When micronutrients are not being absorbed properly your body cannot properly function, therefore making you feel lethargic and less energized. By opting for gluten free foods in your diet, you can ensure your body reaps all the benefits from nutrients. 

  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight
  • Between both gluten sensitivities and celiac disease there are many symptoms that harshly affect your digestion including bloating, gas, fatigue and more. By switching to a diet free of gluten you have the opportunity to choose more nutritious foods including fruits, vegetables or even gluten free grains. By eating nutrient dense, gluten free foods you are preventing your body from undergoing excessive stress from digesting hard to process foods. Ultimately, eating more nutritious foods will improve digestion and help restore your metabolism ensuring your body is functionally correctly.

  • Improves Bone & Skin Health 
  • While symptoms of gluten allergies often appear through extreme bloating and upset tummies, it can also surface through the weakness of our bones or appearance on your skin. Individuals with undiagnosed celiac disease or gluten intolerance can suffer from calcium deficiencies or malnourishment due to a lack of absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. When humans are not receiving enough calcium in their diet, their bones can become brittle over time losing strength and density. Additionally, early signs of a gluten intolerance can be linked to various skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. Following a diet free from gluten can significantly improve both bone weakness and skin health!

    Although a gluten free diet is definitely not the answer to all health related problems, it can definitely serve as a great initial option to take if you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above. As always, make sure to consult your doctor to see what they recommend is best for you. And most importantly, remember going gluten free doesn’t always have to be an inconvenience when you still get the luxury of indulging in delicious treats like Whoa Dough :) 

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