Back To School: Virtual Edition

This school year is unlike any other… students across the globe are (for the most part) transitioning to an online learning environment without a date in mind for a return to in -person learning. As the Whoa Dough team has also been working remotely, we understand the distractions that come with an online environment! Here are three ways you can engage your brain to the fullest extent possible while transitioning back to school:

  • Separate your workspace from where you sleep. Studies have shown that the separation of your workspace from your bedroom can not only improve your sleeping habits, but also allow you to feel as though you are in more of a professional setting… next time you’re sitting down to do some homework, try to set up your computer at the kitchen table! 
  • Use this time to your advantage and head outside. When classes are in- person, your time outside is limited as days are spent in the classroom. Although in-person classes are ideal, there is something to be said about spending more time outdoors. When you’re in between classes, give yourself a brain break and head outside! Or if you’re able to, try to get some work done in the sunshine. 
  • Fuel your brain properly. Fueling your brain is always important, but we can all agree that when you’re stuck at home for an extended period of time, over-snacking can be a big distraction! If you fuel your brain with healthy and filling snacks, you’re able to focus more on your work. We love grabbing a Peanut Butter Whoa Dough bar to bring with us to our “virtual classroom”; totally craves our sweet tooth and with seven grams of protein, our brains are properly fueled throughout the day. 

  • Although online learning environments come with challenges, we hope these three tips can help power you through your classes. Our last piece of advice is to work hard, stay positive, and of course, #SnackHappy. Best of luck to you during this semester! 

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