5 Things To Add To Your Pre-Summer Checklist!

Depending on where you live, it may not have fully hit you yet that summer is just a few weeks away. Here in the North East, we are still dealing with days under 40º, but with each passing week, we get a glimpse of hope for the onset of summer with a couple gorgeous, sunray-filled days. Just last week we had one of the warmest days since fall with the temperature hitting the mid-80s! Anyways, enough weather talk– let’s talk about how to get you and the kiddos through these last few weeks before having a (hopefully) perfect summer!

  1. Have you made all your summer appointments?

Every year as summer gets closer, panic starts to set in as you remember all those appointments you forgot to book: doctor, dentist, orthodontist, ophthalmologist– you name it! There always seems to be an endless amount of appointments that need to be made before the school year starts up again.Thankfully, there’s still time! If you haven’t already, use this article as a reminder to get those appointments booked before all the slots are filled for the summer.

       2. Are you planning a vacation?

Summer vacations always seem to be on the forefront of your mind during the year as you work tirelessly and begin counting the days until you can take a much needed break. However, usually that summer vacation only stays planned out in your head, and by the time summer rolls around, you have completely forgotten that you still need to actually book everything. In order to get that perfect dream vacation you have thought about the entire year, make sure you hurry up and book everything now. Don’t forget the hotels, reservations for dinners and activities, and the mode of travel.

       3. Have you stocked up on summer essentials?

Now is the time to start buying popular summer essentials before the price shoots up for summer. Make sure you are stocked up on things like sunscreen, grill supplies, bug spray, and other essentials you know you will be using during the summer. Maybe even plan way ahead and buy some things you know you will be needing for the Fourth of July, like fireworks!

       4. Any summer birthdays or significant events?

Birthdays sure do like to sneak up on you. If you, your child, or maybe even a close friend or relative have a summer birthday, make sure to start planning now! It can take forever to think of the perfect gift, or plan the perfect party, so it is best to start coming up with ideas now. Just think about how much stress will be taken off your shoulders if you can successfully plan someone’s birthday WEEKS in advance.

      5. Are you stocked up on summer snacks and indoor activities?

Now that your kids will likely be home for most of the day during the summer weeks, you’ll need to make sure they are well fed and entertained. Make sure you keep the fridge loaded with healthy snacks like fruits and veggies, hummus, yogurt, cheese sticks, etc., as well as the pantry, with snacks like veggie sticks, whole-grain crackers, protein bars, nuts, etc. Make sure you have some healthy dessert options as well to keep their sweet tooth satisfied. We hear they like Whoa Dough bars, hehe.

Almost as important as keeping the fridge and pantry stocked with nutritious snacks is keeping the house stocked with fun kid-friendly activities, especially for those inevitable rain days. The last thing you need while trying to enjoy your summer is bored kids. Some fun activities you can get for them include drawing and painting kits, jigsaw puzzles, slime kits, various arts & crafts, baking mixes, and board games– just to name a few. 

Hopefully you find this checklist helpful and are able to utilize it to remember everything you need to get done before summer. Just think, in a few weeks you could be sitting on a beach somewhere, getting a nice tan and reading one of your favorite books. We hope you enjoy these last few weeks before summer!

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